Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drft?
Drft is a minimal, but extremely useful writing platform designed to remove the clutter and convulsion of traditional document creation tools.

Can anyone else see my writing?
Absolutely not! Drft was created for private writing, and personal document management. Regardless of what you're writing - diary entries, to-do lists, or the beginning of your new novel, rest assure no one else can view it unless you explicitly want them to.

How does sharing work?
If you have something you've made that you'd like to share, letting someone else read it is extremely simple. Go to your "Saved" pages section, hit "Share," use the "Create Link" option and that now link will be a public facing page for your writing. With that said, only you have the link to your writing, so the only way someone can see it is if you send them that link. If at anytime you want to revoke access, simply go back to that same "Share" option under "Saved", and hit "Unshare Link" - that's it! That link will cease to exist.

This page is generated via a published Drft document for example.

How safe is my writing?
Drft uses a number of methods and standard compliant features for making sure your writing is safe.

The first line of defense for your writing is versioning and autosaving. Anytime you are working in a document, after you stop typing for more than 4 seconds, your document is automatically saved. There is also a manual save option located in the toolbar within the document. Also, after 60 seconds a version of your document is saved separately, and subsequently every 10 minutes after that, a new version is created. In the event of you accidentally clearing a document and Drft autosaving over it, just go back to "Saved" > "Versions" and you can easily restore a previously created version.